Medical Team

Specialty : E. R. Doctor

  • Dr. Hossam Ahmed El Raies
    2nd Specialist Surgeon
  • Dr. Adel Mahmoud Elsaid
    2nd Specialist Ortho.Surgeon
  • Dr. Asmaa Elsayed Mohammad Youssef
    Genaral Doctors
  • Dr. Emad Barsoum Asaad Benyamin
    Resident, Surgeon
  • Dr. Rawan Hassan Mohammed
    General Doctors
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulshakur Alfarra
  • Dr. Gihan Fouad Abd Elaziz Khattab
    2nd Specialist, Internal Med.
  • Dr. Sanjeeda Bashiruddin
    Resident Doctors

Specialty : Er Ob/Gyne

  • Dr. Heba Abdelmoeti Mesbah
    Resident, Obs/Gyne
  • Dr. Sobhia Mahmoud Eltabakh
    Resident, Obs/Gyne
  • Dr. Arshia Khan Aslam Jameel
    Resident, Obs/Gyne
  • Dr. Amal Ahmed Salem
    Resident, Obs/Gyne
  • Dr. Sumbul Rashid
    Resident, Obs/Gyne

Specialty : Er Pedia

  • Dr. Mahmoud Fawzy Hamouda
    Resident, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Hasnaa Hussien Abdallah
    Resident, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Nariman Elsayed Mohamed Elkasaby
    2nd Specialist, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Hani Mustafa Hamed Elboshy
    2nd Specialist, Pediatrics

Specialty : Anesthesia

  • Dr. Ashraf R.M. Abdelhalim
    Consultant Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Amr Marzouk Mohamed Nassar
    2nd Specialist, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Medhat El Banhawy
    2nd Specialist, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Islam Mohamed Rajaie Abdelsalam
    2nd Specialist, Anesthesia

Specialty : Phys. Therapy

  • Prof. Maysa Mohamed Haroon
    Consultant P.T. And Rheuma.

Specialty : Urology

  • Dr. Hamed H. Mutabagani
    Chairman, Madina & Jeddah Natl.Hospitals
  • Dr. Akrm Ahmed Hassanin Mohd Almarakbi
    Consultant Urologist

Specialty : Nephrology

  • Dr. Mahmoud Hamada Imam Hamada
    Consultant Doctors

Specialty : Orthopedics

  • Dr. Hossam Saeed M. Diyab
    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Maamon Abdulmogni Al-Jonaid
    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Fatehia Ahmed Abdulhameed
    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Abdelhamid A.El Naga
    2nd Specialist Ortho.Surgeon
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohamed A.M. Abouzeid
    2nd Specialist Ortho.Surgeon

Specialty : Surgery

  • Dr. Fadi Sami Jallad
    Consultant General Surgeon
  • Dr. Ehab Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Mutwali
    Specialist General Surgeon
  • Dr. Ahmed Abdelfattah Elshora
    Senior Registrar General Surgeon

Specialty : Neurology

  • Dr. Abdulazeem Mohamed Reda
    Senior Registrar, Neurology

Specialty : Pediatrics

  • Dr. Hashem Mohamed Al Musawa
    Consultant Pediatrician
  • Dr. Mohiaddin Syed Karimuddin
    2nd Specialist, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Shaimaa Mohamed Abouzeid Kandil
    Consultant Pediatrician
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelhakim Radwan Mansor
    2nd Specialist, Pediatrics

Specialty : Obst/Gyne

  • Dr. Mai Hassan Garout
    Consultant Obs/Gynecologist
  • Dr. Natasha Asim
    2nd Specialist, Obs/Gynecology

Specialty : Dental

  • Dr. Mohamed Galal Abdelfattah
    Consultant Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Rawan Hassan Basyuni

Specialty : Cardiology

  • Dr. Khaled Ben Salah
    Consultant Cardiologist

Specialty : Neurosurgery

  • Dr. Khaled Saeed Ibrahim
    Consultant Neuro Surgeon

Specialty : Opthalmology

  • Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Ghazy
    Consultant Ophthalmologist

Specialty : Internal Medecine

  • Dr. Omaima Mustafa Badran
    Specialist, Internal Med.
  • Dr. Hani Abuzeid Soliman Ali
  • Dr. Emad Mohamed Salem
    Specialist, Internal Med. (Gastro)
  • Dr. Khaled El Hawary
    2nd Specialist, Internal Med.

Specialty : Ear/Nose/Throat

  • Dr. Hamed Mahmoud Khalil
    Consultant E.N.T. Surgeon
  • Dr. Rehan Ahmed Khan
    Specialist Ent Surgeon

Specialty : Dermatology

  • Dr. Amr Hussein Ismail
    Consultant Derma. And V.D.
  • Dr. Rania Ramadan M. Abdelaziz
    2nd Specialist, Dermatology

Specialty : Pediatric Surgery

  • Dr. Khaled Hamed Hamed Mutabagani
    Consultant Pediatric Surgery