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Patient & Family Education Awareness Week »

"Towards Better Trust, Empowerment and Satisfaction" -

Wednesday & Thursday 23 & 24 April 2008 at NJCH Lecture Hall.....



Jeddah Clinic Hospital was established on 1389H corresponding to l969G as the first private hospital in Jeddah. Due to the success in high quality of patient care and increasing number of patients visiting the hospital~ New Jeddah Clinic Hospital was established on 1399H corresponding to 1979G. On 1413H corresponding to 1993G Jeddah Clinic Hospital in Kandarah was rebuilt and renovated, it was opened by H.R.H. Prince Majed Bin Ahdul Aziz Governor of Makkah region.

Jeddah Clinic Hospitals played a pioneer role in patient care in Jeddah. But this was not its only role, Dr. Hamed Mutabagani, Director General played an important role in improving the level of patient care in the Saudi Community by sponsoring many medical conferences, symposia, training courses and workshops to train doctors and medical staff He invited many professors and expertise in different fields from Universities all over the world.

Jeddah Clinic Hospitals sponsored many Saudi doctors to continue their medical education and specialization in different fields in USA, Canada and Great Britain. Also the Jeddah Clinic Hospitals continues its training programs for its medical and administrative staff by sending them on training courses either inside the Kingdom or abroad bearing all expense.
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Hospital management has become more complex as technical, judicial, economic, demographic and social variables have changed significantly, all of which to be carefully considered.

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